Expo 2023 Exhibition Segment

Exhibitor Segment (VCCI Expo 2023)

VCCI EXPO 2023's goal is to bring Industries together for collaborative initiatives that help to accelerate and promote ideas that enhance people's lives while also conserving the environment. Moreover, an expo attracts millions of people, providing opportunities for MSMEs. VCCI Expo 2023 is unrivalled among national events in terms of size, scope. duration, and visitor numbers in the contemporary period. Domes at VCCI EXPO 2023 will be large-scale educational and development platforms that will act as a link between governments, businesses, international organizations, and individuals.

• Gather a rich and pertinent source of new sales leads - both from new and existing customers.
• Establish a higher profile in the market using the only three-dimensional, direct marketing medium.
• Meet your audience face to face and know whether what you have to offer is what they want or need.
• Build brand awareness and strengthen your presence in the market.
• Conduct research into your industry, product or service.
• Promote or launch your new product or service.
• Present your product or service alongside your competitors.
• Meet and network with influential buyers and end users.
• Clientele from both Government and Private sector organizations.
• Promotion of innovative ideas presently not available in the Indian market.
• Get to know your target market better.
• Create network with industry players.